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On Sunday the 10th of June, Langøra Kaffebrenneri and Os Tableware will hold the second World Kokekaffe Championship. It is time to settle who is the world’s best kokekaffe brewer of 2018! There are 16 competitor spots and competitors are selected from applications sent to, or through the form below. Please write your name, occupation, nationality and why you want to compete.

This Sunday is an open day at Hjelseng Farm during Trøndelag Coffee Festival with a local food market and the opportunity to taste coffee from several Norwegian roasters. 


World Kokekaffe Championship

Kokekaffe AKA steeped coffee is the world's most widely used brewing method and is simple and something anyone can learn, so here everyone stands a chance to claim the esteemed title as the 2018 World Kokekaffe Champion.

Are you a natural talent or have you inherited your grandmother's secret recipe? Now is your chance to once and for all show the world who is the king or queen of the mother of all brewing methods, namely Kokekaffe!

All that is required is that you can be at Langøra Kaffebrenneri / Hjelseng Farm, Stjørdal on Sunday the 10th of June and that you are able to send an email with an application.

Sign up today at or use the form below.


1st Price

And by the way, there is a prize to be won as well! The winner gets a Tias kettle!



There are 4 participants in each heat and each participant must serve 4 judges a cup of coffee each + 1 cup to set aside. This cup is for testing for coffee grit if the taste scores should be equal. 

The judges taste all 4 cups that are put in front of them and on a signal they push the cup they like best to the center of the table. 

The winner of the heat is the competitor who has got the most cups in the middle. 

If the taste scores are equal between two (or all 4) participants, the fifth cup is poured through a paper filter. A technical judge then decides which filter has the least grit. 

This is the winner. 

There are 4 introductory rounds and 4 participants in the finals.

The competitors get 10 minutes to brew and serve their coffee. Only the cups put on the provided tray within the 10 minutes has passed will be judged. No additives are allowed.

The coffee may not be poured through a paper filter when pouring into the cups for the judges.

The coffee must be served in thin classic sized porcelain cups. 

Participants are encouraged to bring their own cups and saucers. The cups must range between 1 dl and 2 dl and all cups must have matching saucers. There must be a set of 5 matching pieces. 

If the participant does not have 5 sets to bring to the competition, the organisers will provide cups and saucers for use in the competition. This must be notified no later than 1 week before the event.

For the final rounds, a different set of cups will be provided to all finalists, so that the judges will not recognise the cups the participants have used during the first rounds.

Competitors are encouraged to bring their own kettle or they can brew on a kettle supplied by the organisers.

The competition coffee is Mugaya AB, sponsored by Collaborative Coffee Source. Participants will receive 0.5 kg of coffee in advance so they have the opportunity to practice before the competition.



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Brew like a pro.

We have a limited amount of bags of the official competition coffee, available to order here.  Even if you can't make it to Trøndelag Kaffefestival, you can brew like a pro at home...


Official Competition Coffee 2018 // Kenya Mugaya AB

Blueberries, plum, lemon, floral.
Variety: SL28 & 34, Ruiri 11.
Region: Kirinyaga
Sponsored by
Collaborative Coffee Source.
Roasted by

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